Because of the highly technical nature of the functions performed by the Drug Recognition Expert, only persons experienced and proficient in the techniques of drug evaluation should instruct in the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) program. In general, these instructors will be certified DREs with experience in performing drug evaluations. However, persons who possess specialized skills or credentials may be utilized to teach certain parts of the training course as associate instructors. Dedicated, qualified instructors are critical to the continued success of the DEC program.

Certified DRE instructors are responsible for observing, evaluating and verifying the performance of candidate DREs throughout the training and certification process. In addition, certified DRE instructors must provide periodic update training to DREs already certified.

How Do I Become A DRE Instructor?

A DRE desiring to become a DRE instructor in the DEC program shall make written application to their agency DEC program coordinator. If the DRE does not have an agency coordinator, then the request shall go to the DRE State Coordinator.

It is important that the agency head or designee verify to the training provider that a candidate DRE instructor meets all prerequisites to enter DRE instructor training. Prerequisites may also include any state, local or agency requirements specified for instructors within the jurisdiction.

Once approved, the candidate DRE instructor must satisfactorily complete an IACP/NHTSA approved Drug Evaluation and Classification Instructor Training Program, which shall include both knowledge and practical examination of candidate instructors.