DRE Certification

As specified in the IACP International Standards of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program, all drug recognition experts must be recertified every two years following original certification.

To recertify a DRE shall demonstrate continuing proficiency by:

  1. Performing a minimum of four (4) acceptable evaluations since the date of last certification, all of which shall be reviewed and approved by a certified DRE instructor and one (1) of which shall be witnessed by a certified DRE instructor. These evaluations may be performed on subjects suspected of drug and/or alcohol impairment or during class room simulations; and
  2. Completing a minimum of eight hours of recertification training since the date of the DRE's most recent certification, which may alternatively be presented in two sections of no less than four hours, and which shall be consistent with any IACP standards for such training; and
  3. Presenting an updated Curriculum Vitae and rolling log to the appropriate coordinator or his/her designee for review: