2013 DRE Curriculum Successfully Field Tested in Arizona

Chuck Hayes, IACP

The newly revised and updated 2013 Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Pre-School and Seven-Day School curricula was successfully tested at a DRE School held in Phoenix, Ariz., January 17-29. Eight officers and two prosecutors from the Phoenix area were trained using the new curriculum. An experienced group of DRE instructors included Dick Studdard, LAPD (Retired); Don Decker, Massachusetts; Officer Daniel Collins, Arizona DPS; Officer Frank Griego, Arizona DPS; Officer Chip Haas, Glendale PD; Officer Kemp Layden, Phoenix PD; Officer Tim Merrill, Arizona DPS; Sergeant Dan Raiss, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office; Sergeant Paul White, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and Chuck Hayes of the IACP. Officer Daven Byrd of the Arizona DPS served as the school course manager and coordinated the training and the field certifications that took place immediately following the classroom training.

The training was the initial use of the new DRE curriculum format. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contracted with a company to synchronize the 2011 DRE curriculum with the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) curriculum. In doing so, the contractor transferred the 2011 DRE manual format into a new format for the both the instructor guide and participant manual. In addition, the training slides for both the DRE Pre-School and 7-Day School were updated. The new participant manuals now include copies of the training slides and follow in the exact sequence with the instructor guide.

The experienced DRE instructors who taught the course agreed that the new instructor guide was easy to adapt to and an improvement over the format of the former manuals used for many years. In addition, the students like the participant manual format, which helped in following along with the instructors.

Some minor revisions were needed for the curriculum and some of the training slides were modified to assist in reinforcing the topic being addressed. The curriculum will go back to the contractor for some final modifications and one last review by the IACP Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Curriculum Committee. If the final review can be completed in early March, the 2013 curriculum will be released to the states in mid- or late March.

Both the IACP and NHTSA would like to thank Mr. Albert Gutier of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety; Bridget Reutter, the Arizona DRE state coordinator; and Arizona Department of Public Safety for their assistance in hosting the DRE School and for providing the local instructors.

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